“We’ve played together since 2011. We got married in 2016.
This band is the product of all we’ve learned together over the years. We continue to grow and learn more about ourselves through music. What more could we ask for!

— Mark & Anna

Our Story

The joy of performing and making music is at the very root of this Progressive Folk band. After seven years performing strictly traditional Celtic tunes, Mark Pierce, and Anna Dorsey began investing in their own song-writing in 2019. Heavily influenced by the Celtic genre, Ironwood band was born.

Ironwood has performed at a variety of venues such as the Chicago Irish American Heritage Center, The A.O.H. in Redford, and even for Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin’s private fundraising events. They have also played large scale events such as Motor City Irish Fest, Michigan Renaissance Festival, and Arts Beats & Eats Festival of Royal oak.

“Growing up, I thought Rock n’ Roll & Metal were all that music had to offer a long-haired weirdo like myself. That was until I heard many great bands like We Banjo 3, Sarah Jarosz, and Millish. After that, there was no turning back.” – Mark Pierce

“Music is such a big part of me. I started piano when I was five, but that didn’t give me what I was craving musically. When I was introduced to fiddle music I begged my parents for violin lessons. Now this is the highlight of my life, playing tunes with Mark. I’ve finally found my sound, along with my soul-mate.” – Anna Dorsey

Married in 2016, Mark and Anna have been united by music through every step of their relationship. Getting engaged on the main stage at the Michigan Irish Music Festival, in Muskegon MI, was one of the most memorable moments of their early career.

Ironwood is dedicated to creating a large repertoire of original tunes, as well as paying homage to traditional songs now and then. Putting their own spin on the music they love is what this band is all about.